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Gwens gal October 30, 2009 User blog:Gwens gal

Somtime's I just gat the time to fight someone

A little bit about myself

'I am a real fighter when it comes to meating up with sertin kids. My sister say's I do so good that I am not in the right mind for calsses.  So if any one want's get me REALLY mad, watch out.  Other thing's about me is: I can do over 200 differen't trick's on the trampaling, I will never say no to a dare, and I am also a huge Total drama island fan as well as ICarly,'  I also make so many kinds of friend's around the wrold it's not even funny.

Places I like to go

1. To my cousin's house

2. Camping

3. Birthday partys

4. School

5. the public librarry

6. Online

Song's I enjoy

1. Camp gerenda {GER-NOD-A}

2. Theme song's of TV show's {Exept the one's on my least favorte show's list}

3. Counrty music

Wanna know anything else about me?

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