• HAND(hobos are not dishware)

    Even though i try not to be im a shipper at heart. I try not to ship couples before i get too commited to a show because then if my couple doesnt work out i stop watching (which i know is childish). So when i started watching Icarly around season 2 i just loved to watch the show (and eventually trying to see what kind of things Dan was able to get past the censors. As i kept on watching I did fall for Seddie and I still like them now but the Arc makes me wish they wouldve just stayed head/fanfic canon. I feel like they made them so fluffy and annoying to drive home Dans point about Icarly being about the comedy and not the ships. I respect that and I wouldve been happy if the show wouldve ended without that phone call and that kiss. As muc…

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  • HAND(hobos are not dishware)

    I want to start off by saying that i now see how obsessed with this show i truly am. I got home from a party and the first thing i did after changing into my PJs was run to my DVR to watch ILMM.I would feel kinda ashamed but the episode was AWESOME.


    Watching Spencer trying to fit in those jeans made me pause the show and laugh for like five minutes straight. I knew from there the episode was going to be great.


    I realized a while ago that Nathan Kress was pretty cute but that whole part at the end when he was saying how everyone is focused on how Sam feels but noones asked for his opinion and he has that little smile I couldnt help but go AWWWWW he totally wants her.


    When he kissed Sam i was trying not to embarass myself in front o…

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  • HAND(hobos are not dishware)

    So im super new but i couldnt help but sign up because i had to get this out of my system (and none of my friends care about icarly in the least)


    I thought they might kiss like i REALLY thought they might kiss when i first saw the promo but i had to tell myself to calm down because even if they said the promos werent misleading, they never stated there would be a kiss but when they did.......OMG OMG OMG


    I loved the episode as a whole (i didnt realize how funny electrocuting could be) but there were something that i cant wrap my head around.

    Sam in the beginning was way too helpful. it seemed too sudden and im guessing something triggered for her when Freddie and Carly stated how shes usually violent and rarely compliments anyone but i…

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