I want to start off by saying that i now see how obsessed with this show i truly am. I got home from a party and the first thing i did after changing into my PJs was run to my DVR to watch ILMM.I would feel kinda ashamed but the episode was AWESOME.


Watching Spencer trying to fit in those jeans made me pause the show and laugh for like five minutes straight. I knew from there the episode was going to be great.


I realized a while ago that Nathan Kress was pretty cute but that whole part at the end when he was saying how everyone is focused on how Sam feels but noones asked for his opinion and he has that little smile I couldnt help but go AWWWWW he totally wants her.


When he kissed Sam i was trying not to embarass myself in front of my brother who also likes Icarly but doesnt realize how obsessed with the show i am so i was covering myself with a pillow so he couldnt see my face when i was silently screaming (yea that sounds like it makes no sense. Ill probably half to edit this later) because that kiss was HOT (mostly because Freddie finally figured out what he was supposed to do with his arms)


A lot of the episode I saw in the promos. I know its not Dans fault but i wish the heads of Nick would try not to give away the story in all the promos because some of the jokes arent as funny once youve seen them in a commercial 50 times

As was mentioned in a previous post, the episode didnt let me know when Freddie started having feelings for Sam, maybe were supposed to infer that with the kiss at the lockin and then sams disappearance that he realized that he cared for her a lot (or that this is a 30 minute young children show and we really shouldnt dig so deep)

All in all

The episode was great for me it had a lot of laughs and also it resulted in Seddie being cannon. Not sure how long its going to last since i think they have another season to film but all i can say now is


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