Even though i try not to be im a shipper at heart. I try not to ship couples before i get too commited to a show because then if my couple doesnt work out i stop watching (which i know is childish). So when i started watching Icarly around season 2 i just loved to watch the show (and eventually trying to see what kind of things Dan was able to get past the censors. As i kept on watching I did fall for Seddie and I still like them now but the Arc makes me wish they wouldve just stayed head/fanfic canon. I feel like they made them so fluffy and annoying to drive home Dans point about Icarly being about the comedy and not the ships. I respect that and I wouldve been happy if the show wouldve ended without that phone call and that kiss. As much as I love seddie I hate when shows or movies make best friends fight over someone because it usually ruins friendships. With those kind of triangles some people (not all) tend to be unable to be promote their ship without being spiteful to the third member. I dont ship creddie but I like Carlys character. She had some really funny moments and she was a good friend. I leaned towards Seddie mostly because i could relate to Sam as a character. As the seasons progressed her relationship with Freddie grew more naturally than Freddie and Carlys (not to say growing from a borderline stalker to a good friend isnt major growth). I read in another blog how their was a lack of friendship scenes between the original trio towards the end and that really does make me sad because even above the comedy Icarly was about the friendship and because of the love triangle we lost it.

Sorry if this is all jumbled and makes no sense. I needed to rant and noone i know watches (watched :( ) the show as religiously as me.

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