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aka sarah

  • I live in columbia ohio
  • I was born on November 7
  • I am girl
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    about me

    August 31, 2011 by Has joined the chat

    hi im has joined the chat. i know it is a weird name because i have an older sister on the glee wiki and whenever she joins a chat it say sombody has joined the chat. anyway i just want to say hi and that this is about me. im 7 and im turning 8 on november 7. i am a girl and i have a dog a cat a fish. i just started 2 grade. my favorite color is pink and purple. i like seddie very much. i love to sing and dance and be funny with my mommy. i love icarly alot. now you know some things about me. seddie is awesome. i already made friends on the chat on this icarly although one of them called me dumb and they keep on saying the s word there. my mommy and my daddy says its a bad word. my real name is sarah and i like to go shopping and go to theā€¦

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