hi im has joined the chat. i know it is a weird name because i have an older sister on the glee wiki and whenever she joins a chat it say sombody has joined the chat. anyway i just want to say hi and that this is about me. im 7 and im turning 8 on november 7. i am a girl and i have a dog a cat a fish. i just started 2 grade. my favorite color is pink and purple. i like seddie very much. i love to sing and dance and be funny with my mommy. i love icarly alot. now you know some things about me. seddie is awesome. i already made friends on the chat on this icarly although one of them called me dumb and they keep on saying the s word there. my mommy and my daddy says its a bad word. my real name is sarah and i like to go shopping and go to the park with my friends. my favorite food is chicken nugets and when my mommy or daddy cooks them they taste yummy. my favorite song is leave it all to me by carly. sam is favorite person. my favorite episode of icarly is icook. it was funny. i hated the episode nah. i dont hate any episodes. go icarly. bye. now you know me. plus can i be a mod? okay bye

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