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    Hi guys,

    Please bare with me but this blog will give my own analytical insights into iLove you and the break up. (none of the pictures are mine)

    I will first just say that this episode was well done, and it will be one of my top favorites.

    Also, just because they "broke up" does not mean they don't love each other. Trust me, they do love each other, but for them, now is just not the right time. Their relationship is just wonderful. It takes a lot of thinking and even some alone time to see how they can figure it all out. I mean look at them since season 1. You can obviously see all this tension between the two.

    All Seddie shippers should be GLAD that Dan was able to pull of such a beautiful scenes. As someone said, "The elevator scene was a TO…

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    Just a "small" goodbye

    September 5, 2011 by Heeelllooo

    Hey guys, I would just like to say it's been fun going on this wikia everyday.

    Well, I won't be visiting this site that often anymore. I used to visit here everyday and check out some stuff including blogs, etc. I've decided to only visit this site once in awhile (Most likely once a week or every other week over the weekends). I don't have much time to spend here because of school and other activities.

    I'm not leaving because of all the "drama" (not sure if there's still drama) , nor am I trying to create drama. I know it's very cliche to make blogs about leaving, but I feel it's kind of needed. Someday I could look back on things (even this blog!).

    If any of you guys want to do me a quick favor, would ANY of you guys be kind enough to just po…

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    Really, there have been way too much spamming, hacking, and trolling on this wikia (at least from the seddie page).

    Here are just a few suggestions to help fight against spamming/hacking/trolling that his happening here. Of course, I can't make any changes around, but if an admin sees this, maybe they can make some of these ideas come true.

    Here are some General ideas and some specifics to handle these problems. I believe that if the general ideas can be fulfilled there wouldn't be any problem with spamming/hacking/trolling.

    General Ideas:

    Idea 1: This idea is really simple (only if the wikia staff can provide it.) People can only comment on pages or make edits after they've been a member for a certain number of days (1-3 days sounds reasonabl…

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    iCarly Gifs

    July 27, 2011 by Heeelllooo

    Just some space for me to put my favorite gifs (thanks @The Sam Puckett for posting some).

    I'll most more gifs of iCarly I find later, but these first few are mostly from @TSP.

    If anyone would like, could they upload some of those pics (posted below on the links) so they can easily be seen?


    seddie in a blender, (moonlight-kriskros), almost a fairy tale, sam and freddie the seddie story v.2, ilove you by jcroxtcfssox12. AMAZING. it shows the last scenes of iLove you and the flashbacks. At the end they say, "I love you." (**) sam and freddie I don't wanna wait until tomorrow. REALLY Good (similar to …

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  • Heeelllooo

    This blog is just for me to look at later for organizing seddie fanfics. It'll mostly be filled with some tips Ive learned through the stories I myself have enjoyed. Feel free to look around, but remember these are just some things I learned. (I might accidently exclude some things).

    1) To create a good seddie fanfiction, there's usually a main story revolving around it. By revolving around a main story, this will create two types of interests: romantic interest and the plot interest. This idea is quite important as it goes along with the story "Birdhouse in Your Soul." This person's writing style is not that complex (compared to Vix's as below) but the story is very interesting because it achieves these two simple ideas.

    2) Still, stories suc…

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