Hello everyone,

I will be posting a compilation of the top seddie fanfics I have read and recommend. I'm quite a critic so I think my choices are very good. I read the reviews carefully to select my fanfics and take recommendations from those avid readers. Anyways I will begin listing the fanfics to read quite soon. I will not advertise this blog before it is done. So... props to you guys who read/ comment this blog before I update it. I will TRY update by tomorrow or by the time crush week airs. Note that I will pick about 10-20 fanfics. Don't worry, I have discovered numerous fanfics with barely any reviews in them, so most of you guys have not read it, but will enjoy it. I will also include a separate section for one-shots and links will be provided very shortly. No order of the best ones. So far, Stairwells and iRemember are equally tied for first tho. [But recently Holiday spirit is another favorite!])

I will update but not as frequently. I read fanfics mostly on break (x-mas, semester, etc) If I have a 3 day break I will read some and post more. So... most likely by Easter there will be more on this list. The next big break is Easter, and that is where there will be a huge influx of fanfics. I will organize it and bold the selections for it to be easier to read. The authors may be incorrectly spelled, sorry but as I said links will come up shortly.

Pardon my writing for incorrect usage, too many breaks in sentences, ROS, Poor WC, etc. (This was meant to be a note rather than a blog, but I will edit that!)



Stairwells and Steering Wheels


Point and Click by Mizufae

iCarly's Own MLP by Luna Moody

iKeep a secret by Fireflies12

iCan't stand her (okish-good. Just a LITTLE OC but I enjoyed it) by Basco57

My Couch (seddie fluff-ish, but good capturing Spencer's POV) by Basco57

iShakespeare (haven't read it, but the reviews say it's one of the best) by Kwilson

Call You

Holiday Spirit (wow it is very similar to Vix23's story. It's very good too...) Warning: writing style may be hard to understand for those under let's say...13? by spinlight

(more to come)


I think 6 chaps: Pity Ham by Consuelas Revenge

These stories are 1 chap:

iFollow the list

He Gets That From me

Twisted Symphony


(more to come!)

P.S. please tell me if this was helpful at all by commenting. Also, tell me if these stories were/are great selections that I picked.

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