Hey guys, I would just like to say it's been fun going on this wikia everyday.

Well, I won't be visiting this site that often anymore. I used to visit here everyday and check out some stuff including blogs, etc. I've decided to only visit this site once in awhile (Most likely once a week or every other week over the weekends). I don't have much time to spend here because of school and other activities.

I'm not leaving because of all the "drama" (not sure if there's still drama) , nor am I trying to create drama. I know it's very cliche to make blogs about leaving, but I feel it's kind of needed. Someday I could look back on things (even this blog!).

If any of you guys want to do me a quick favor, would ANY of you guys be kind enough to just post updates over what happened on particular days? (i.e. promos, any random pics of the cast [jennette, nathan, etc], really good fanfics and seddie videos, etc) Anything at all because I will read it a week or two later and I want to still stay up to date with the cast, icarly, videos, and fanfics. If you're willing to do me this huge favor just post something on my talk page, please :) All you'd have to do is just post the link, and it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes of your time :D

So, I hope to still talk to you guys and see you around from time to time. Hope I was a good friend to most of you guys. Have fun on this wikia, and finally thanks for this great icarly community. You all have been nice to me and one another.

See you guys around,

Heeelllooo 05:06, September 5, 2011 (UTC)

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