Hey guys, I just wanted to create a small blog on some of the best seddie fanfics you guys read! (The seddie fanfic page has barely any1 talking so I was hoping this would be a bette way!)

So, post your favorite seddie stories here to share with others! (especially me :D I'm looking for a really good one to read)

Links would be nice, but unecessary if authors are posted. Maybe a very brief summary? Up 2 u! Oh also say if the story is complete or incomplete because some people (including me) like reading finished ones since they are soooo good and can't stop reading!

Anyways I guess I'll start:

iCarly's Own MLP: Freddie loses a bet.

iCan't Stand her: Freddie accidently becomes handcuffed to Sam.

My Couch: Spencer's POV. Everything about Sam and Freddie til marriage.

Stairwells and Steering Wheels: Sam pulls of a ridiculous prank, friendship becomes a lot closer with Sam and Freddie. (Wow this was an amazing story, and I heard this story won first place in some awards:D)

note: I will read iShakespeare later and is the story really that good? over 1100 reviews?????! wow!

if u guys need the link, comment below and I promise i'll get back to ya the very next day!

EDIT: I'm deciding on whether or not to do a fanfic. I re-read through my other ones that I "created" and to be honest, I didn't really like it TOO much. I need some ideas for a story though I have some of my own. I'm thinking about doing those stories that shows something happening each month, like how the characters are progressing. So it's kind of a story but not really. It just shows their relationship growing (repetitive). Anyways feel free to comment below :) Thanks.

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