Well, here's just a random/ fun blog for everyone to enjoy. Which character are you like from iCarly?

Are you...

Sam, Freddie, Spencer, Carly, T-Bo, Nevel, Melanie, Gibby, Guppy, Marissa Benson, Miss Brigs, principal, Chuck, Adam?

There's sooo many more characters that I didn't list at all!

You can also be a combination of any of the characters! Keep a strong imagination and be as realistic as possible. Have fun and I hope this blog was fun for you guys!

Note: I'll post my character alike thingy soon. Also, please describe WHY you are that character (i.e. I eat a lot of food like Sam, etc)! Also your description can be as long as you like (1 paragraph? 1 page? XD)!

IF you still think you don't fit in to any of these categories feel free to say how you are similar to the real life actor/actress. Are You Jennette, Nathan, etc :)

MINE: (commented but didn't really work)To be honest, I really think I can be a mixture of both Freddie and Sam. At times I can eat... A LOT, but not all the time like Sam. I'm not as skinny as Sam, but not as buff as Freddie, I'm in between! I can make witty comments and am pretty good at making puns xD. I like to make jokes and stuff, but not as far as Sam goes (her pranks are endless...). I'm smart like Freddie... but I'm not as "nerdy" as he is (galatic wars, techy stuff). Although I can be fun to hang out with, I can get serious (but not to easily) at important situations.

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