Just some space for me to put my favorite gifs (thanks @The Sam Puckett for posting some).

I'll most more gifs of iCarly I find later, but these first few are mostly from @TSP.

If anyone would like, could they upload some of those pics (posted below on the links) so they can easily be seen?


seddie in a blender, (moonlight-kriskros), almost a fairy tale, sam and freddie the seddie story v.2, ilove you by jcroxtcfssox12. AMAZING. it shows the last scenes of iLove you and the flashbacks. At the end they say, "I love you." (**) sam and freddie I don't wanna wait until tomorrow. REALLY Good (similar to jcrox's) and it was flashbacks to the elevator scene (**).

seddie video :) sam freddie moonlight. one of the best from kirskros (**) seddie the kiss secret by jcroxtcfssox12. sam and freddie anywhere but here (created by darlinrose16) (**) Video about the seddie arch including many scenes from seasons 1-4. Overall pretty good depiction of seddie. (good balance of the "I love you" scene with incorporation of how they were before the arch.

RIP one by colours! (

White houses=sabrinaschool














Oh_My_Goodness.gif jennette commercial (sprint and chicken?)

Tennis gifs from nick's day of play.

from this video:

Jennette's smile is amazing :)

Here are some rebecca bon bon pics

and.. promo date for august 13th.

Just had to copy and paste this by WeevilWobbie. Answering to this question: when do you guy think sam and freddie started to like each orther it has to be before ikiss or they wouldnt agreed to it."

"I think rewatching Season 1 it is pretty obvious Sam liked Freddie before iKiss. Like in iWin A Date when she looks devastated that he says he will only love Carly or how she is nice to the girl until she says she thinks Freddie is cute. Or in iFence when she is cheering him on and, more importantly, when she looks outraged that the other guy unfairly knocked him down. Or in iHatch Chicks where she takes the bully off of Freddie. Or in iWill Date Freddie where she seems annoyed with Valerie before she takes Freddie from iCarly. Or in iPromise Not to Tell when she changes his grade (her excuse is lame because she was never going to pay him back anyway it's Sam!). Or in iKiss itself when Sam is suddenly very very eager to hear what Freddie had to say when she knew he would suggest they kiss and then eager for the kiss itself. I am not saying she was in love with him since day one. But there is absolutely something there from her side in Season 1 (intentionally written by the writers).

I don't think Freddie liked her before iKiss or even immediately after. I think for Freddie it was a slow process of just realizing how much he likes the game they play (which he basically said in iKiss when he said he didn't want her top stop). And then realizing that he cares about Sam a lot (in iReunite With Missy). And then, imo, realizing that she has become the exciting girl he looks forward to seeing every day."

"i think i posted this before but idk btw from lion king

Freddie: please dont cancel our webshow

Sam: drop em

Nevel guy: hey is that sam puckett

Sam: are you talking to me

Freddie: uh oh they called her sam puckett

Sam: are you talking to ME

Freddie: shouldnt have done that


Freddie: now they're in for it


Wouldnt this be awesome?

(Freddie enters Carly's apartment) Hey Carly!

Carly: Oh hey Freddie. Hey, did you get the last iCarly's..........(starts smelling Freddie's face)

Freddie: What?!

Carly: Why are your lips so glossy and why does your face smell like strawberries?

Freddie: uhhhh.....

Carly: Were you just making out with Sam?

Freddie: No!!

Carly: Oh, so you just chose to apply strawberry flavoured lipgloss today?

Thought of something funny. So, Freddie comes back from school alone (stayed after because of AV club) He walks in mad. (BTW, he and Sam are dating)

Freddie: I hate my life! Sam: Why? I mean besides your mom, and... Freddie (Gives a look) Sam, please. Some girl is making me so mad. Sam: (perks up) What girl? Freddie: I think her name is Alexandra, but everyone calls her Alex. She tortures me everyday, calls me names, and hates me! Sam: Freddie, never speak to this girl again. Just ignore her. Freddie: Why? Sam: Just because.......


I know that Nickelodeon probably won't allow a full make-out session between Sam and Freddie, but I would love to hear someone SAY they did. Maybe the chapter where won't be Carly (or she'll probably has a b-plot)...

Carly: *returns from Yakima or whatever* Hey guys!

Spencer: Oh my gosh, Carly! *picks her up and hugs her* I'm so glad you're back! It was horrible without you here! Gibby was trying to eat your gummy bear chandelier, Sam and Freddie kept making out... *starts sobbing uncontrolably* Never leave me again!

Sam: You're exaggerating. It wasn't that bad!

Spencer: WASN'T THAT BAD? I walked in on you in the middle of night when you were sitting on my couch and you were almost completely-



Ok, what if this happened like they were 19 and about to go to college or something.

Sam: (gets a text from Freddie to meet him at the place they shared their first kiss. Sam arrives at the fire escape)

Freddie: (in a seductive voice.) Hey.

Sam: What do you want, Freddork?

Freddie: You know how we're almost 20?

Sam: Yeah, I know.

Freddie: (smiles) Sam, you cause me a lot of pain-and I don't mind it much-because you also cause me a lot of happiness. Happiness I couldn't live without. (starts to go down on one knee. Pulls a ring out of his pocket) Samantha Puckett, will you marry me?

Sam: Yes! Wait-do you have ham?

Freddie: I do have ham.

Sam: Then double yes! YES! SI! YES YES YES! (Freddie gets up and puts the ring on Sam's finger and they hug)

NOW...wouldn't that be an adorable ending to the series?


“Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses, you build up a whole suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life...You give them a piece of you. They didn't ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like kiss you or smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so simple a phrase like 'maybe we should be just friends' turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It's a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. I hate love.”


You guys. Come on. Think. Did you watch iKiss? Did you see the ending? Did you see how they said to each other: "I hate you." and "Hate you too." Do you really think Sam and Freddie "hate" each other? Do you really think each one thinks the other feels hatred? Or do you think maaaaaybe this is just a game they've played since the end of 6th grade... and they keep playing it... because each is afraid to stop playing it?"

-DanWarp (reply to a comment).

“The opposite of love is apathy, and hate is really the same as love. If you're so consumed by hatred for someone, you might as well be loving them, because you're thinking about them for the same amount of time.”


Some people when they can't be your friend they wanna be your enemy, Just so they can be apart of your life."


Spencer: ok if she asks "did you think that girl in the blue dress was attractive" what do you say

Freddie: no

Spencer: -hits freddie on head- no you say "what girl i didnt see a girl" {C}-seddieafoeva

Spencer: ok if she asks "did you think that girl in the blue dress was attractive" what do you say

Freddie: no

Spencer: -hits freddie on head- no you say "what girl i didnt see a girl"


ok i got this from full house who wants this to happen (not the before stuff)

Sam: she was your first love

Freddie: ok i thought she was. i didnt even know what love was before you were intrested in cort

Sam: sappy benson

-they kiss-


Freddie can't believe Sam might actually like him. When they were younger he used to picture himself as the brave prince and Sam as just the fire fire breathing dragon he had to fight to be with his princess Carly.


{C}ISD leaked script link: and actual dialogue (maybe)...

Oh guys, I was able to make out something of the leaked script. I don't know if its real, but here's what it said. Atleast the part I could make out.SAM: ......and you can just ____ a date-- y'know, find some super-hot dude, like a _____ model, or somethin' and give him fifty bucks to go with you. CARLY: How desperate do you think I am? SAM: Well, a ___ of them to-- CARLY: SAM -------S, THEN KEEPS PICKING THE STRING CHEESE OFF HER HAND. FREDDIE: "Why don't you just ask that guy you like?"CARLY: "Yeah...David Shay... I just can't go up to a guy with the same last name as me! What if we fall in love some day and wanna get married?"FREDDIE: "So? My mom did that. Name was Marissa Benson...married a guy named Leonard Benson. The world didn't blow up."GIBBY: "What happened to your dad anyway?"What do you guys think? Is this from a future episode? Or is it from an old one that Dan cut out?

"Remeber way back when Beggin' On Your Knees (victorious) premired, and Dan told us all that there was gonna be some kinda hint for iOMG in the episode? I think the hint might be when Tori and Ryder kiss, Tori accidently turns on the music and bites Ryders lip, she says "sorry", and he replies with "its cool". Like Sam and Freddie did after they kissed. Of course, i could be wrong. And whoops! if someone already said this... Thoughts? "


"iLove You : Imagine, Freddie and Sam are in the elevator (like on the cover pic of iLY) Freddie says : "Hey? .. I love you." And Sam goes : "Love you too." and they both smirk - just like in iKiss. The only difference is, that this time they say "love" instead of "hate". I personally would love that :] ♥"

--Misses Gordon - Levitt

"A sweet gesture I thought that Freddie did was make reservations at Pini's because Freddie said he and Sam both love Italian food"


"Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson are soul mates. They are perfect together."


"I know this is weird but what if this happened:

Spencer calls out: Mrs. Benson and then both Sam and Mrs. Benson turn around and say yeah, then Sam notices what she said, sits down and blushes and hides her face from the emnarrassment of everyone looking at her in amusement!! Sam completely Unaware of Freddie is behind the kitchen island looking at her smiling then says "I'll make a note of that" Comes from the kitchen counter is Freddie walking over to Sam stands infront of her lifts her up then picks her up bridal style Sam opens her eyes looks at him awkwardly and shyly and Freddie just sits down with her in his lap while every one stares at them in awe and Sam once again hides her face from the embarrassment and Freddie pats her back looks at her in awe and confidence then says its okay Sam we all know you LOVE me .Then Sam lifts her head from her hands reaches out then SLAPS HIM Everyone especially Carly and weirdly Mrs. Benson laughs their heads off!!!! XD THE END And oh yeah for those who don't know what bridal style pick up is , here it is For the record Freddie didn't kiss Sam in my speculation Thanks for reading!!"


If you ask me I think Seddie is realistic. What couple doesn't fight? Plus them fighting is what will make their realtionship grow stronger. Creddie is too much of a fairytale!"


"in my opinion, a relationship that can survive fight after fight (even if theyre just small bickering), is a relationship that can take almost anything on. its kinda common sense. i mean, my parents are like that and theyve been at it for a good 20+ years"


"Okay, so i just thought of something.. and i think it would be amazing if it happened..

so its the final episode of iCarly and carly, freddie and sam are graduating and all their parents are there (where we meet carlys parents) and sam goes over to her mum and starts talking to her.. then freddie walks over to her, hugs her and says, congratulations on graduating, she says 'you too' they smile at eachother and he walks away.. sam watches him sadly until he's out of sight and her mum then goes 'sam, your an idiot for letting him go, he loves you, you obviously love him.. i dont want you to mirror my life, i want you to be happy, go talk to him, it's obvious you want him back!' she looks round to see if sams listening but sam had already gone running in the direction freddie went in..

she goes to talk to freddie to say she misses him and she doesnt like not being with him, but when she finds him Freddie was hugging carly, she ignores it and carries on walking towards them until she see's carly kiss freddie on the cheek.. where she runs off, what she didnt realise is that carly was just thanking freddie for being there for her through everything during school, freddie saw sam run off and realised what happened, he runs after her, explains everything and the episode finishes with sam and freddie kissing and everyone around them cheering.

this could work as well because alot of comedy could be put into it :) i hope this happens.. but in a way i hope it doesnt.. i dont want to have to wait until the very last episode to see seddie again! tell me what you think guys :)"


(difference between falling in love, love, and in love

8/7/11 276479_243494722347781_2763161_n.jpg






















Blingdadada.jpg iLMM photo album.

iLost my mind gifs! (not posted on profile page!) icarly ilost my mind new opening season August 2011

Tumblr_lq10g2QQhN1qh9u5n.jpg {C}Tumblr_lq10hiLBjP1qh9u5n.gif {C}Tumblr_lq10jbexic1qh9u5n.gif {C}Tumblr_lq10kbcYVs1qh9u5n.gif

same jacket that Freddie has? (posted below).



737px-Fishing_icarly.JPG {C}737px-Sam_wearing_blue.JPG



737px-Nathanandmadisen.JPG (idk why I'm posting this here, but kissing fail >.>) links to more pics.





Camidsf.jpg Samfreddiehideidsf.jpg Samjerkyidsf.jpg Freddiehideidsf.jpg

Hair_color_changing_seddie.png sam's hair is brown.


Necklace.jpg iDSF jewelry

Hair_color_changing_jennette.png jennette

looks great as a brunnette.

Pizap333.jpg lol just had to post it.

23ilmm.jpg Tumblr_lpw71vs6aN1qesmejo1_r1_500.gif


Idsfavatar.jpg pizap.com10.079898895695805551314316698921.jpg

Pizap.com10.41406114306300881314569627357.jpg pizap.com10.050320337060838941314552643546.jpg pizap.com10.069525300059467551314553375171.jpg




























pizap.com10.333486971911042931318294410921.jpg (

They have fights they have crazy moms, they're not perfect, but Sam and Freddie are perfect for each other.




"Carly: Maybe you two should break up.

Freddie: Saayyyyy whaaaaaat??

Sam: Oooh, Bad choice." by sailor moon star.

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