I think I've had just about the weirdest week of my life so far. This girl in my class who HATES my guts was actually being nice to me. I was like wtf? ('What The F'iretruck?) Then I was told that the world was gonna end which I thought was pretty funny and stupid. I like this guy who's a senior (HE'S REALLY HOT!)'' and I kept running into him all week. Like Wednesday, my friend and I were walking out of math and we found ourselves walking right behind him. Our faces turned bright red and one of his friends turned around and saw us and just gave the guy I like a look like "your stalkers are behind us." I forgot to mention the senior I like kinda gave me a little smile as I was walking out math :). This morning I was walking into social studies and the senior I like was walking out and we bumped into each other (HIS MUSCLES ARE FINE!!!) This stuff never ever happens to me so I thought it was really weird, except when I was walking to lunch one time and the senior I like walked in the cafeteria the same time as me and stepped on my foot. He said sorry and his voice is sooooo sexy! Lol. I was smiling for the rest of the day lol. Yeah I don't know why I made this blog since no one cares lol.

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