This is NOT a ship warring blog. It is just me explaining why I get confused by most of the ships.

Seddie- Was Sam's apology forced or not? At first I thought it wasn't but now I'm not so sure. I thought Sam started liking Freddie after iKiss, but then she started to get really mean to him. Then in iOMG she kisses him (did anybody else think the episode should have been 1 hour to explain it a little more?) If you are a Seddie shipper, please help me.

Creddie- I don't get how Carly goes from rejecting Freddie to loving him just because he saved her life. I know that they had the dance in iSpeed Date, but still they could have had the first Creddie kiss there. Many Creddie shippers say she still loves him, but why is she getting Sam and Freddie together? I'm confused on that. If you are a Creddie shipper, please help me.

Cam- Cam shippers say that they have the best relationship, well they're best friends, shouldn't they? The Cam page says that Carly and Sam are not bi or homos, but the page makes it seem like they are. Also I don't get how it's really long when it's one of the ships that is most likely not to happen. (I know that last sentence seemed like I was ready to start a ship war [I'm not] but I'm just really cofused on that, sorry.) If you are a Cam shipper, please help me.

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