aka Hihi

  • I live in Killer land, home of the cereal.
  • I was born on September 14
  • My occupation is Artist
  • I am Female
  • Hihi-Killer

    Hi everyone

    July 3, 2012 by Hihi-Killer

    Hey everyone, it's Hihi! And I've noticed that people with newer accounts seem to be, wanting to be Noticed or feel welcomed , to the sites chat. Complaining that we don't say 'Hi' or welcome them or even "hug them". 

    But being honest, you guys could make some effort too. I mean, gosh, we are people not robots giving in to your desire or some poop! 

    I mean if you don't make the effort to say a hello not everyone is gonna say hello to you! Call me evil, but I probably won't say anything to you if you don't get my attention!

    You could make friends without making a sob story or being popular! How do you think most of us are friends now? I mean think about real life for a second, would you go to a group of people, say, "hi" or "do you like ----?" and…

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  • Hihi-Killer

    hi guys.i'm doing a request thing only meant for people who read and comment on my comic. :) so if you care about getting a request the next time... just take the time to read...please. :/

    ANYWAY. Yes. This is a request blog!!! Yayayayayayay!!! Okay, since recently, I've been coloring with these cool metallic markers! And I wanna do pictures for youuu! But not the people who haven't read. They are mean. >:p Anyway.

    So be sure to read "The Bitter Start" every week it comes outttt! :D

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  • Hihi-Killer

    jnknkjnjk hi.

    i just wanna be poppularrr.

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  • Hihi-Killer

    NOT LIKE ANYONE READDDDDSSSSSS ANYWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. But for real guys... I loke comments.... So here's the second page.

    not that anyone cares. but this is one of my good pages... i like nice comments... so comment about the story okay? cause you guys just comment... "I like it" or "OMG comics"... yeah.

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  • Hihi-Killer

    Have you ever wondered? If we were all ponies?


    Yes. This will continue.

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