Hey everyone, it's Hihi! And I've noticed that people with newer accounts seem to be, wanting to be Noticed or feel welcomed , to the sites chat. Complaining that we don't say 'Hi' or welcome them or even "hug them". 

But being honest, you guys could make some effort too. I mean, gosh, we are people not robots giving in to your desire or some poop! 

I mean if you don't make the effort to say a hello not everyone is gonna say hello to you! Call me evil, but I probably won't say anything to you if you don't get my attention!

You could make friends without making a sob story or being popular! How do you think most of us are friends now? I mean think about real life for a second, would you go to a group of people, say, "hi" or "do you like ----?" and expect all of them to reply?

Calm yourself, and try to jump in a conversation! Not sit there and watch chat and expect us to kiss you feet!

Share your interests! Be happy! Actually TALK to other users!

We were all new once, we made friends, you can too.  So if you're, a new person, feel free to head to my message wall.

We could get to know eachother.

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