• Hihi-sama
    Sorry bout the misleading title! I do care very deeply about the show's ratings.

    All I care about is my favorite show is on. It’s so very FUNNY IMO. My ships happening making me even happier. And the episode only got 4.106(?) because many people couldn’t watch it, live in a DIFFERENT country. Or saw it livestream on the east coast time completely screwing their ST. And their are the shippers… and the people who gave up on the show because “Seddie” is happening. Yeah! I’m a Seddie shipper, doesn’t mean I wanna give up on the show! To be honest, this show changed me. I don’t wanna go into details but, whether Creddie, Seddie, Spam, Cibby, Sibby, Tibby, Barly, Bam, Sparly or whatever! Don’t give up on the show. I know many people went on about t…

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  • Hihi-sama

    Hello my fellow peeeeeeeppppppppsss!!! I am Hihi-Sama, some of you may know me as the Art Monkey or That Crazy Person on Chat~~

    But, I am here taking cartoon art request. (Sorry, no realistic!!) I will draw anything iCarly related,Since this is the iCarly Wikia for Pete's Sake.

    1. Yes, It does include ships. I will draw any ship for you, no matter how CRAZY it is. (i.e. Sparissa lol)
    2. Outfits, You gotta tell me what you want them to wear.
    3. 'Be specifc on the characters poses, emotions, action's, etc.
    4. ABSOULUTELY NO EXPLICT CONTENT!!!! I'm just a young child... ;^;


    Example yo'u say?


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  • Hihi-sama

    Though I am a Seddie fan (Season 1 shipper)

    I still can't believe that she kissed him.

    I mean I saw it. But my mind won't accept it?

    I saw the kiss part countless times.

    But it won't sink in.... :(

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  • Hihi-sama

    The trolls are trolling our page.

    Saying the show is horrible.

    While pasting Naruto crap on here.

    What turd does that?

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  • Hihi-sama

    I'm confused was this a april fool's joke?

    The whole Nathan Kress page is filled with Naruto.

    I'm kinda new so I don't know what to do.

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