Hey guys! So apparently Miranda did an interview back in December, talking about her career. She also stated that in an upcoming episode, Freddie will choose between Carly and Sam? She is not talking about ISAFW, because that had premiered in November, and she said an upcoming episode. There are only 2 episodes left, IOMG and IParty With Victorious. IParty With Victorious will deal with the iCarly and Victorious gangs meeting, so it's highly unlikely that it will be in that episode.

I'm a Seddie shipper, and I personally think Freddie will choose Sam. Why? Carly is dating another guy in iParty With Victorious, so she can't be dating Freddie. Also, all the signs are kinda pointing into a Seddie outcome.

My speculation is that Carly will think Sam likes Brad, and try to force them together. Later on, Freddie will talk to Sam, and will tell her that she should be open with her feelings. I think she might confess that she has feelings for him, hug him, and/or kiss him. I think Carly might be jealous and shocked, explaining her face in the promo. I think she'll come and also express her feelings, leaving Freddie to choose. I think that's why there is a serious "ooooh" in the background.

I think Freddie will either choose Sam, or turn them both down until he can figure out his feelings. He could also choose Carly, but it seems a little unlikely since she is supposedly dating a guy in IPWV.

Also, Dan said that this episode would please everyone, so maybe if my speculation happened, it would please the Creddiers, since they would know that Carly has feelings for Freddie! I also hope there are moments for Cam shippers as well! :)

Also, as @Phenglai Kei stated, he could turn them both down gently, since he may not have romantic feelings for both of them.

What are your opinions? Feel free to comment, and/or disagree! :)

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