aka Hobknocker.

  • I live in NoneOfYourBusinessVille
  • My occupation is Being Annoying
  • I am Female
  • HobknockerCentral

    Hobknocker: I am the Hobknock-inator.

    Danville: Call me Danville-shmael.

    HObknocker: And this is...The Hobknocker and Danville Show. Completely improvised.

    Danville: With only a basic sense of what to do.

    Hobknocker: It's time for Secret Origins! My real name is Robin Bourne. My father put me in jail for crimes that I would commit in the future. My boyfriend was killed by me, ambiguously accidentally. I want to kill Spider-Man.

    Danville: And I AM Spider-Man!

    Hobknocker: You get a virtual cookie...

    Danville: If you can name what lost Marvel Comics character Hobknocker is acting out.

    Hobknocker: Or...AM I acting? MWUAHAHAHAHAHHA!

    Danville: Next segment! Mud or fudge? What is it?

    Hobknocker: It has a worm in it. Mud.

    Danville: WRONG. Gummy worm. Fudge.


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  • HobknockerCentral

    Hobknocker: Waiter! Waiter!

    Danville: Yes? (sighs)

    Hobknocker: There is a FLY in my soup.

    Danville: SHUT UP! I don't have enough money to buy everyone fly soups!

    Hobknocker: This has been..."Re-inventing Bad Jokes." Call me Hobknocker. I am a worker on the ship Quepeeg.

    Danville: YARRR!!!!! I am Captain Ah-Danville. If you don't get this reference, you need to read more.

    Hobknocker: Ahem....Today's episode will be shortened due to a mini-book club for Artemis Fowl and the Last Guardian. The freaking out commences now. AHHH! DUDE, DUDE, DUDE! There's a new Pearls Before Swine volume coming out!


    Hobknocker: YES! It breaks the fourth wall! It has something f…

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  • HobknockerCentral

    Hobknocker: I am Hobknocker!

    Danville: I may be Danville, but this definitely, could be, possibly be, close to or a clone of-

    Hobknocker: The Hobknocker and Danville Show. First up on our list, Danville discusses the SNL character Stefon.

    Danville: Actually, I want to check my userpage. Could we do the gorgonzola bit instead?

    Hobknocker: Sure. Okay, peoples. I have never eated Gorgonzola. Right now, I am going to take a bite of it, and describe my emotions in a couplet. Now, remember, I REALLY AM going to eat gorgonzola. Okay, first bite. Hmm... Couplet time.

    Chewy, cheesy- not at all like meat

    Man, this cheese tastes like feet!

    Danville: Wonderful improvised poem. Hobknocker, everyone. NOW, we can do the Stefon review, but first, I have some new…

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  • HobknockerCentral

    Hobknocker: Hi, guys. We hardly have time for humor today. Important topic.

    Danville: Watch me juggle a live porcupine!

    Hobknocker: Basically, iGoodbye is coming. Less and less people are coming. Should we create the Hobknocker and Danville Show wiki? Please respond. PLEASE.

    Danville: Wocka wocka wocka!!!


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  • HobknockerCentral

    Hobknocker: LAAAAALAAAALAAAAA!!! I am Hobknocker.

    Danville: Me-me-me-me! I am Danville!

    Hobknocker: Lalalalallalalalalallaallalalalalalalallalalalalla.....LA-LA-TRA!!!!!

    Danville: Do-re-me-so-fe-sakura-is-back-so-la-tra--la-la-tra-Hob-KNocker-And-Dan-Ville-SHOW!!!!!!

    Hobknocker: Thank you, thank you. Danville's singing stinks, mine is slightly better.

    Danville: Very true. Okay, we have a great show for you tonight.

    Hobknocker: Sadly, Danville's singing will give you a fright

    Danville: We're not here to complain

    Hobknocker: Or build a Lego plane

    Danville: It's just time to turn our 'viewer' requests

    Hobknocker: Into a rap that will mention bird's nests

    Danville: First, the people who gave us requests: iloveferbmorethanyou16 and PhineasPhan6849. And no…

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