Hobknocker: Beep. Boop. Bop. WHo is this mysterious person?

Danville: Skroink-skronk-blurp. That is Hob-Bot 200. I am Dandroid. Together, by combining primitive 'comedy' of the 21st century, we recreate the Hobknocker and Danville Show!

Hobknocker: Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi. That was a hi for every joint blog post we made that was ignored.

Danville: Here's to the unlucky number 13! We've got a great show this afternoon.

Hobknocker: Welcome to the Hobknocker and Danville Roast!

Danville: I roast wiki members, while Hobknocker tries to kill me with a flame thrower.

Hobknocker: Seriously, though. ONE SINGULAR SENSATION! Do you have ANY IDEA how dirty that sounds? Come on! No offense, but, EWWWW. Also: iCarly Wiki Summer Awards! I have two categories for you. Numero Uno: Shows That Used to Be Bad, But Now Are Good, And About To End: Nominations: iCarly, iCarly, iCarly, and iCarly. WInner: ICARLY. My second award, MOST IGNORED SERIES OF BLOG POSTS: The Hobknocker and Danville Show. Darn it. Danville said I could swear if I bleep out the whole word, but only for this monologue. I told him that **** *** **** ****** ****** **** **** **************************************************************************-

Danville: And, scene! My roast is for Neve. I hate you. You made me cry. You tormented me. Next thing...the Chat. DARN YOU, CHAT! WHy wouldn't you work???? Monkey pants. Now, I roast shipping. I believe-

Hobknocker: Touchy subject, pal. Better not go there. We'll be KBed even before this gets published.

Danville; Okay. The next topic is the 100th episode of ICarly, iBattle Chip. Here to talk about it, HobknockerCentral.

Hobknocker: YOOO! What up? So, here's my opinion. A deadly battle phaser. A Battleship reference. Chuck and Chip. Elevator golfing. SLAPSTICK. Here's my official opinion, in 24-25 words. I want to marry Dan Schneider. Either that, or impersonate his wife. I don't know! But, this is great. I likey. Oh yes, I likey.

Danville: Thank you, Hobknocker. Anything else to report?

Hobknocker: Yes. I am taking the 'Central' out of my name. Just ignore it, peeps. Good day, and have a pleasant tomorrow. I'm Hobknocker, that idiot is Danville. and this is our show. WOOOOO!

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