Danville: Yo soy tonto.

HobknockerCentral: Y me gusta matar personas- solo KIDDING!

Danville: En vivo, desde algún lugar, es la Hobknocker y mostrar Danville.

HobknockerCentral: Some might say that we are ripping off iCarly.

Danville: I say that you are absolutely, positively, PARTIALLY correct. We have no tech producer. Also, Carly and Sam are both girls. I am a boy.

HobknockerCentral: I am a girl.

Danville: Also, we do not have "Random Dancing." Though, I do like to randomly dance when I'm happy.

HobknockerCentral: It's true. Finally- Wait, what's happening with the print?

Danville: No idea.

HobknockerCentral: FInally, we are not completely ripping off iCarly because the hosts are not delusional.

Danville: I am; they aren't.

HobknockerCentral: Game time. Would you a bug or watch Twilight?

Danville: Eat a bug. Duh. Would you rather steal a car or kill a person?

HobknockerCentral: Kill a person. I don't know how to steal a car. Hey, do you hear that noise?

Danville: No.

HobknockerCentral: I hear it. The siren means that it's time to act out a movie scene. Finding Nemo or Wizard of Oz?

Danville: I'm off to go to the library, the wonderful library of my town!

HobknockerCentral: I refuse to be the Wicked Witch.

Danville: Hi, Scarecrow!

HobknockerCentral: Die.

Danville: That's all the time we have! Goodbye, and go with the flow!

HobknockerCentral: Have you been reading that Bathroom Reader all day?

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