Hobknocker: I'm Hobknocker!

Danville: And I'm Danville! Consider yourself lucky that instead of being at your monthly cult meeting,

Hobknocker: You're tuning into the Hobknocker and Danville SHow! However, I do miss my cult. Instigators of Dynamic, Interesting, Oddities Tripled. Otherwise known as I.D.I.O.T.

Danville: Hobknocker was nice enough to poll some people for this episode. We take your requests, and uh, oh.....I just pooped my pants.

Hobknocker: I did, too. I Preppily Or Oddly Peforated my pants. I P.O.O.P.ed them. Basically, I cut holes in a pair of extra pants. There! Are you happy, Neve? Danville and I pooped our pants. Now, for your second requests. Danville?

Danville: Yes?

Hobknocker: Give me the rake, garden hose, and lawn mower.

Danville: Oh, sure-AHHHHHHH!!!! MY LIVER!!!!! I....object....( Cole's!

Hobknocker: Now you're dead. The second request is fulfilled. Now, I will hit you with a fruitcake.

Danville: I'm alive! Hey, guess what?

Hobknocker: What?

Danville: I have a flying fish for you. It's a sock puppet.

Hobknocker: Thank you, Danville, SpencerFanGirl123, and NeveisCheese. This has been...

Danville: Request night for The Hobknocker and Danville show. Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow. COmment, comment, comment.

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