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Hobknocker and Danville Show: ?????????????

Danville: Sak Danville!

HobknockerCentral: Sak HobknockerCentral! Gaf kir gi The Hobknocker and Danville Show!

Danville: De grune est lakk fhe jerrysinfelkd.

Hobknocker: Extreekly hodferson.

Danville: Ga, whonfI chifre bork rafkws, esto Hobby pesto dui reseda. Dur begons...defrton! Mi dieja nad jurk kilrded yurt petsicled wufwuf.

Hobknocker: Nofgen Skippy! Ellos hearted stiakjfaik fjils!

Danville: Ckernch od smurk?

Hobknocker: WHay de yoo curea? Yoo murdekilaej gurd!

Danville: Bork wasegnad I furned te kowas tjat flemethrowssgra sggge poisenhghusssd?

HobknockerCentral: Y, thingymadoodle. Thurk heath burn the Danville and Hobknocker Show, nub timmy, mi nomenclature stifopa onedeonet, y...

Danville: APRIL FOOL'S!!!!

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