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Hobknocker and Danville Show: An Alternate April Fool's Joke

(Scene: Two people, sitting in a basement, playing air guitar.)

Both: Doo-doo-doo-doo! Wayne's World!

Hobknocker: Wayne's World! Wayne's World! Hi, I am your excellent host, Wayne, and this is my assistant, Garth.

Danville: Hi. Wait, this isn't Wayne's World.

Hobknocker: Then what totally excellent thing is it? Oops, I'm still in character.

Danville: It's a different Saturday Night Live sketch called the J-Pop American Fun Time Now!

Hobknocker: No, don't even bother imitating it. People, this is a skit with racist humor. Do not watch it.

Danville: Well, isn't that special!

Hobknocker: Wait, we're quoting characters now? Da bears!

Danville: April Fools, dummies! I just paraphrased a 30 Rock character!!!

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