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Hobknocker and Danville Show: Rodents, Fudge, Flaming Ping-Pong, and Other Things Will Be Discussed

Hobknocker: I am the Hobknock-inator.

Danville: Call me Danville-shmael.

HObknocker: And this is...The Hobknocker and Danville Show. Completely improvised.

Danville: With only a basic sense of what to do.

Hobknocker: It's time for Secret Origins! My real name is Robin Bourne. My father put me in jail for crimes that I would commit in the future. My boyfriend was killed by me, ambiguously accidentally. I want to kill Spider-Man.

Danville: And I AM Spider-Man!

Hobknocker: You get a virtual cookie...

Danville: If you can name what lost Marvel Comics character Hobknocker is acting out.

Hobknocker: Or...AM I acting? MWUAHAHAHAHAHHA!

Danville: Next segment! Mud or fudge? What is it?

Hobknocker: It has a worm in it. Mud.

Danville: WRONG. Gummy worm. Fudge.

Hobknocker: This has been...Mud Or Fudge: The Game.

Danville: Mud Or Fudge: The Movie will be coming to theaters near you. NOT!

Hobknocker: Yo!

Danville: What?

Hobknocker: It's time for everyone's other favorite game! Bad-Mouthin' Neve!

Danville: YAY!

Hobknocker: Would you rather...have me throw ping-pongs at your head or say 'Hi' to Neve?

Danville: Ping-pongs.

Hobknocker: FLAMING ping-pongs.

Danville: Ping-pongs.

Hobknocker: Eat rodents or say "Hi" to Neve?

Danville: .....What kind of rodents?

Hobknocker: This has been The Hobknocker and Danville SHow!

Danville: Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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