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Hobknocker and Danville Show: Stooge it Up

Danville: I'm the reincarnation of Curly Howard!

HobknockerCentral: And I'm going to see the movie, based on Danville's reviews.

Danville: N'yuck, n'yuck, n'yuck! Here's my review!

Thought 1: Read the signs carefully- they have jokes!

Thought 2: Horses were very unexpected- made me laugh!

Thought 3: Mucho slapstick; poor lion and Curly, too!

Thought 4: Laughed so hard I cried- no kidding!

Thought 5: Stay after the credits, extremely worth it!

Thought 6: Curly’s singing sounds like a drunk Elmo.

Thought 7: N’yuck, n’yuck, n’yuck! We love you, Curly!

Thought 8: Almost choked on my popcorn from laughing!

Thought 9: Obviously top of my birthday wish list!

Hobknocker: Creative....So, who'd you see the movie with?

Danville: No one. Just Danville, solo, obnoxiously clapping and laughing. Well, not obnoxious to me, anyway. That's our show, night!

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