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Hobknocker and Danville Show: We Ship In This Special Edition

Danville: I ship Danville and reading!

Hobknocker: And I ship me and...a random, anonymous person.

\Danville: But we both ship YWHADS. You + Watching + the + Hobknocker + And + Danville + Show!!!!!

Hobknocker: That’s a clever intro. Better than usual.

Danville: Well, that’s what comes from that being the only scripted part of the show.

Hobknocker: Now, to parody shipping. The first ship is...Deading! Danville and reading. Couldn’t resist.

Danville: Thank you, friend. Here’s a ship I thought of. Calvin and Hobknocker. A combination of the comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes” and HobknockerCentral.

Hobknocker: Yeah, yeah, very funny.

Danville: Have you noticed that this show is degenerating down to me saying mock insults against you and you insulting me?

Hobknocker: Come to think of it, I have, PruneFace.

Danville: That’s just mean. Now, remember the poll?

Hobknocker: Yes, indeedy. The one that no one answered.

Danville: Which one? Seriously, the question was “Who would win in a Hunger Games showdown?”: HobknockerCentral and Danville?”

Hobknocker: The answer is, of course, HobknockerCentral, not to be vain. He, meaning Danville is an idiot.

Danville: True, true. I would be killed during the reaping. Now for the Ultimate Challenge! I really want you peoples to answer the question. For more incentive, no more posts until the question is answered. If you could pick a shipping name that combines ‘Danville’ and ‘HobknockerCentral’, what would it be?

Hobknocker: Points will be given for creativity and insultingness.

Danville: Bye, and good night! Happy Passover!

Hobknocker: Yeah...I don’t celebrate it, but what he said! Happy Passover!

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