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The Hobknocker and Danville Show: Stefon, Gorgonzola, The Avengers, and PRETTY LITTLE LIARS

Hobknocker: I am Hobknocker!

Danville: I may be Danville, but this definitely, could be, possibly be, close to or a clone of-

Hobknocker: The Hobknocker and Danville Show. First up on our list, Danville discusses the SNL character Stefon.

Danville: Actually, I want to check my userpage. Could we do the gorgonzola bit instead?

Hobknocker: Sure. Okay, peoples. I have never eated Gorgonzola. Right now, I am going to take a bite of it, and describe my emotions in a couplet. Now, remember, I REALLY AM going to eat gorgonzola. Okay, first bite. Hmm... Couplet time.

Chewy, cheesy- not at all like meat

Man, this cheese tastes like feet!

Danville: Wonderful improvised poem. Hobknocker, everyone. NOW, we can do the Stefon review, but first, I have some news to share. A user called PurpleWhoopeeCushion has left a comment on my page, asking me if she/he can audition for the show. This is GREAT.

Hobknocker: Hold up. This must be the 'Cushie' that PurpleJerk told me about. Okay, this is good. Back to you, Danville.

Danville: Okay. PurpleWhoopee, if you're out there, I will accept material. Just give me random, CLEAN, NON-OFFENSIVE words. If I give you the go-ahead, we'll turn it into a skit. Now, for Stefon. Stefon is a Saturday Night Live Weekend Update character, and he's hilarious. THis has been....Danville's Insta-Review.

Hobknocker: Thank you for that confusing review, Dan. Now, for Pretty Little Liars. What the heck is that show? I want details of the basic premise! Please!

Danville: Finally, The Avengers. IT WAS A STUPIDLY GREAT MOVIE! 'NUFF SAID. Goodnight, this has been the Hobknocker and Danville SHow!

Hobknocker: Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow!

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