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Wikia Update With Hobknocker and Danville

(montage of Hobknocker and Danville getting prepared)

(music: Da-da-da-da, dee-doo-doo-daa)

(announcer: It's wikia update with Hobknocker and Danville)


(Hobknocker and Danville are behind a news desk.)

Hobknocker: I'm Hobknocker.

Danville: And I'm Danville.

Hobknocker: Here are tonight's top stories.

Danville: The wikia chat is still offline for us, presumably because of the new updates. Well, now I can finally quit Wikia Chat Anonymous! Woo!

Hobknocker: Neveischeese recently left a message on Danville's page. Here to talk about it, Neve.

("Neve", really Danville in a wig, rolls up in a chair)

Neve: Duhhhhh..........

Hobknocker: So, Neve, why are you so stupid?

Neve: Duhhhhhhhh.................I don't know............

Hobknocker: Well, there you have it! Whatever it was...

Danville: Recently, people seem to believe that Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee-

(Hobknocker cuts him off)

Hobknocker: Hey, hey! NO political jokes! What do you think this is, Weekend Update?

Danville: I was going to say that Ann Romney said something about him having a wild and crazy side. ALso, Mitt has an offer to appear on SNL. Prediction: This week, WILL FERRELL, is hosting. There will be a MItt Romney cold opening. The real Mitt Romney will appear with Jason Sudeikus's Mitt imitation.

Hobknocker: Seems reasonable. In other news, iCarly is going to have Ratchel Dratch, Tina Fey, and Jimmy Fallon as guest stars. (looks embarrassed) I think I just wet my pants. (stares at Danville, whispers) This is a stupid script!!!

Danville: Last week, I had to dissect in class. Here to talk about it, my dead frog.

(A dead frog, on a chair, is wheeled in. Hobknocker plays the frog.)

Dead Frog:.....

Danville: Hi, Kermichigan. Remember that name? Combo of Kermit and Michigan J. Frog, the Looney Tunes character.

Dead Frog:.....I HATE YOU, SICKO!!!


(D.F. starts attacking Danville)

5 minutes later....

(Danville is in a full body cast, Hobknocker is sitting by him.)

Hobknocker: From Wikia Update, I'm Hobknocker.

Danville: And I'm Danville.

Both: Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow!

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