(Remake. I'm a failure....XP)

NOTE: I created this becuse while I was on chat, I noticed that some people were upset. I really didn't like to see them upset. So I went here. I hope that's okay. Thank you.

So to the admins here, I'm sure a lot of people think that this place is extremely well run. I'm very grateful for everything you guys are doing. Thank you. We haven't been thanking you enough for all that you've been doing. I'm sorry. I'm truly ashamed that I haven't been doing enough to thank you. I want you to know that we appreciate everything you have done to help us. So thank you. :) We know that you all work really hard, and you don't get enough credit. I know what that's like. It's hard! When you try the best you can, and people only shove crap in your face. But overall, I'm sure everyone knows how wonderfull you guys are Some people are diffucult. But it takes tim to accept things. You guys really deserve to be thanked for everything you have done. We don't thank you enough, and can't now. We're extremely grateful for all that you have done. Thank you. :) You have every right to be angry with us. We're sorry. So thank you. For everything. :)

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