So, it's finally over.... Thoughts? Feelings? Express them all here. I'm sure there will be many blogs on this though...but the more feelings you're able to let out, the better. So why not?

Anyway, feel free to express your feelings as long as you don't curse, be rude, or provoke shipwarring. I'll start....

As a shipper, I'm disappointed. Not only for Seddie, but for Creddie also. One ship should have fully happened. Dan did the worst thing possible. He teased Seddie, only to have Creddie SORT OF happen in the end. Creddie didn't fully happen, leaving an empty feeling and left the majority of shippers upset. I honestly would have been happier if Creddie happened fully than not at all.

As a regular fan, I can say I'm very satisfied. The end was very well written with their memories linked. It made me tear up a bit. :') I also thought it was a very comedic episode. It made me laugh at several points throughout the episode. I thought the characters left on a very good note. They all said their goodbyes in a very heartfelt way and it was just very sweet. Also with Freddie saying, "And...we're clear." at the end was just the trigger for a tear to run down my face.

So...what do you think? :)

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