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    September 11, 2011 by HoshiYume4610

    For Seddie Readers, iCarly Readers !



    Summary? *Edited A hour/minute later*

    iCarly Gang went to a museum only to look at these tech stuffs...However something’s happening to Sam! Something Freddie finally realize a challenge for three weeks with Sam! Seddie dating! Carly haven’t dated/meet (my OC) William at that time. SamxFreddie! Not my best summary

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    Off Topic To Everyone

    September 1, 2011 by HoshiYume4610

    Title lame me again ^_^;

    It's about Pottermore and that's that off topic ^_^; and nonrelated iCarly stuffs but I just want to know if any of you...

    Chosen for the early acess? Ever since the 6 days of clues opened.....

    I was confirm that I was one of the lucky people selected for early entry into Pottermore.

    That. happened today :O

    I was cleaning up my email and spam stuffs (because there so many alerts in that spams....) and notice a subject, "Congrations!" email and check it whose from LOL its from POTTERMORE


    Never knew this happened,,,,,,,,ohgee I just happy :) but however I wasn't sure what's my next welcome email? ^_^;;

    so does any of you got like that email??????? Just curious > w <

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    Two fanfiction related to iCarly AND Seddie genre :)

    HoshiYume4610Let's say...

    I'm doing a "iTurn Sam into Kid" fanfic why? Its about Sam accidently turn into a kid after Freddie uses a machine he creates to just 'test' it but the 'deadline' was not only one day hour instead of that, its was FIVE WEEKS and NOW they're facing this challenge with Sam's staying in HIS apartment to prevent other people see her in this age :).....I think I shouldn't spoil it but oh well ^_^;

    Preview of iTurn Sam into Kid (Role-Script version) [FYI: "( )" is a thought since I used it for the characters to think and thought :) ]

    Sam: -knocking the door- Hello?

    Freddie: -turn around to be surprise to see Sam there- W-what are you doing here?

    Sam: You promise me to come …

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    READ IT FOR YOUR OWN RISK! JK JK, Just bored for me :) and wanna to talk random stuffs! :D

    Today is my longest weekend! Woohoo! why? its start from Sat (in Asia Time) to Tues and Friday ;) BEST THING EVER SINCE I START MY SCHOOL LOL.......anyhooves, I started it as a comment in Seddie but now....I just make it into a blog XD;;;; Coz me is love to be a writer!

    I got a worse realistic dream last night and right now, its raining (thunderstorm!) plus now I need to be in good watching Seddie videos. My two friends are Creddie while me and my childhood friend are Seddie, its weird that we're still friends and not that :). I begun to seddie talk and they want me to put my mouth down XD, its actually normal between us! :P Coz BFF and Fr…

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