Aha...sorry about this lame title for my first blog ^^;

Anyways....I don't know how to greet new people and so am I? and of course my first blog is to greet you and meet you all! :)

I'm new wiki user here around recently :) so be nice to me and after all, I'm just wanted to say Hi :) to any who have been in this wiki! :D

I been looking through here ever since the day iOMG came and the day my mood of Seddie returns :D It's...okay, its weird that I make a blog and BARGE IN like Sam's way ^_^;

Oh chiz, forgot to tell you, I'm shy. Please be nice to me and greet me :) so I could overcome with it and btw..........ugh, what am I saying? D: I'm shy and...I want to be friend with the nice people outside my home country X3;;; of course a 14 years old like me still act shy D: !

I like to meet these who are Seddie shippers, who are nicest, coolest, friendly, trusted, honesty, and who believe in good terms :) Well....anyways.....

Nice to meet you, people of this Wiki and here! and there! :D

Btw please be nice [okay did I already said that ? XD;;;] if you don't comment I will feel alone around more time, Nice to meet you!!! Pepz!! XD <3

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