Title lame me again ^_^;

It's about Pottermore and that's that off topic ^_^; and nonrelated iCarly stuffs but I just want to know if any of you...

Chosen for the early acess? Ever since the 6 days of clues opened.....

I was confirm that I was one of the lucky people selected for early entry into Pottermore.

That. happened today :O

I was cleaning up my email and spam stuffs (because there so many alerts in that spams....) and notice a subject, "Congrations!" email and check it whose from LOL its from POTTERMORE


Never knew this happened,,,,,,,,ohgee I just happy :) but however I wasn't sure what's my next welcome email? ^_^;;

so does any of you got like that email??????? Just curious > w < <3 <3 <3 <3

Psss: I'm DragonScarlet154 and what you are? = u = <3 <3 <3 PEACE! kay bai bai! <3 ^_^ too many hearts?'s my city's birthday LOL (Sept. 1 is my city's 102 or 103 birthday ever since its creation and ever since it surive DURING the World War II :) WWII Japanese fight in my certain city even conquer my international 103(?)years old school = u =;

I'm not talking about my own address I'm living XD I was talking about my city and it's history behind ^_^;

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