OK. My title is ten time lame DX;;; but I NEED TO ASKK FOR SOMETHING HA

Its the CD of iCarly Casts [like Anime Drama CD does] but only thing I can't bear...

Its I can't even understand what they're trying to say! No! I meant I can't hear it CLEARLY :(

Since I was born with deaf and BORN with HEARING AID. So basically, I didn't meant to rude! D:

But I just was a favor for these who have that CD like the Countdown, Like Baby [was it?], etc. etc.

Can all of you whose knew its lines should put it in the comment but however you have to in order the title of each chapter from that CD

Sorry for barging in! D: I need someone to tell me all the diagloues of CD iCarly Casts! [EVERYTHING UNTIL THE END OF THE CD!]

One more time, sorry for saying that! But that's all I want to ask! DX

Btw can't wait for this saturaday and Imma sit on my chair watching it in Imzgamer soon!

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