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    Beavecoon fighting?

    October 22, 2011 by IBeSeddie

    Ok, WTF. I went on the Beavecoon page and read the comments. SO MANY TROLLS! Go ahead, read them!: Thoughts? Make a comment!

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    October 13, 2011 by IBeSeddie

    !Hola! My next fic is called (Drumroll please...)

    iStill Love You (Yes, that rumored episode of iCarly.)

    Plot: (Sometime after the Seddie arc)Sam is running away to live with her rich Aunt in Parris. Something ticked her off, but no one knows what. So Freddie desides to run after her. Will he make it to the Airport in time?!?!

    iLive in a Mansion

    Plot: The iCarly's are cast away to the Nick Mansion. They learn about the future (They're in season 1) and are forced to act it out while being filmed. But what happens when the future dosn't happen the way it should?


    iDidn't do it

    Plot: Seddie is back to their old selves again. But when a pointless fight turns violent, Freddie gets hurt really bad. Now he's in the hospital, Carly is crying like a baby…

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    September 17, 2011 by IBeSeddie

    “iSpy” by IBeSeddie

    Disclaimer: Original Characters belong to 1seddiefan, Creddie24seven, SunriseDaisy, SCherry08, StraightACarlaay, SakraTheHedgie,and MusicManiac12323. You guys are awesome! All others belong to Dan the Man Schneider!

    Chapter 1

    “I’m sorry guys! I can’t be your intern anymore!” Brad said as he walked down the stairs of Ridgeway. “But why not?!” Carly said, following Brad closely behind. Sam and Freddie weren’t too behind either. “WE NEED YOUR FUDGE.” Sam told Brad. “I’m sorry! My grandmother got sick and I have to help take care of her now. I can’t.” The iCarly trio sighed as Brad, the awesome maker of fudge, walked out the front door.

    Loretta was on her laptop, lying on her bed. She was on the iCarly Wiki, a website for fans …

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    Hello people! I'm making a fanfic about 7 crazy iCarly shippers who deside to all take an inturnship for iCarly (they 'disposed' of Brad...), but one thing leads to another..and another..and you get the point! Well, this is your opertunity to make a character! MUST BE FEMALE CHARACTERS NO EXCEPTIONS!!! :3 Please make it like this:




    School/Home life/Backround:

    Anything special(like an allergy)/Secrets:

    I WILL CHOOSE ONLY 7! *cough cough* Thank You XD

    Edit: I HAVE CHOSEN! My picks are:

    Amy Rodriguez by 1seddiefan

    Ruby Dazlehoafer by Creddie24seven

    Alana Mareshino by SunriseDaisy

    Penny Woods by SCherry08

    Blair Milphensen by StraightACarlaay


    Loretta DeVega by SakraTheHedgie

    Honorable Mentions: Melody Channels by Booklover 10…

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    Admins for my new wiki!

    September 12, 2011 by IBeSeddie
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