Hello people! I'm making a fanfic about 7 crazy iCarly shippers who deside to all take an inturnship for iCarly (they 'disposed' of Brad...), but one thing leads to another..and another..and you get the point! Well, this is your opertunity to make a character! MUST BE FEMALE CHARACTERS NO EXCEPTIONS!!! :3 Please make it like this:




School/Home life/Backround:

Anything special(like an allergy)/Secrets:

I WILL CHOOSE ONLY 7! *cough cough* Thank You XD

Edit: I HAVE CHOSEN! My picks are:

Amy Rodriguez by 1seddiefan

Ruby Dazlehoafer by Creddie24seven

Alana Mareshino by SunriseDaisy

Penny Woods by SCherry08

Blair Milphensen by StraightACarlaay


Loretta DeVega by SakraTheHedgie

Honorable Mentions: Melody Channels by Booklover 101

Since I don't have a account, I will just make the fanfic on a new blog. I will start on it immediately! The name is a suprise too, although, it's nothing really special, so...

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