!Hola! My next fic is called (Drumroll please...)

iStill Love You (Yes, that rumored episode of iCarly.)

Plot: (Sometime after the Seddie arc)Sam is running away to live with her rich Aunt in Parris. Something ticked her off, but no one knows what. So Freddie desides to run after her. Will he make it to the Airport in time?!?!

iLive in a Mansion

Plot: The iCarly's are cast away to the Nick Mansion. They learn about the future (They're in season 1) and are forced to act it out while being filmed. But what happens when the future dosn't happen the way it should?


iDidn't do it

Plot: Seddie is back to their old selves again. But when a pointless fight turns violent, Freddie gets hurt really bad. Now he's in the hospital, Carly is crying like a baby, Gibby is livid, Spencer is worried, Mrs. Benson is nowhere in sight, and all Sam can say is 'I didn't do it.'

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