Ok, first of all, I wanna talk about iSAF. I don't think you guys should be hating this episode. Dan has probably told you guys about a million times that iCarly is to make make people to laugh and smile, and just make your day! It's a comedy show, people. I really did like iSAF, it was one of my favs. And seriously, do not hate on Dan Schneider either. If it wasn't for him, we would'nt even have iCarly. :) I think Dan made this episode to show us how crazy we were about the "shipping". And that there probably won't be any pairings or that it'll only be till' the end. So just be happy with iCarly right now. ;)

OK, now let's get to the really weird part! Ok, so most of you guys here may not like Justin Bieber, but I think he's ok. So anyways, have you noticed in Jennette's "Not That Far Away" music video that they made their music videos at the same little town? Because in JB's music video "One Less Lonely Girl", they walk through that small little town, and notice the laundrymat in both vids. Check out these vids and look closely: and AND

Weird huh? Tell me what you think! ICarlyRulez5101 17:06, November 20, 2010 (UTC)ICarlyRulez5101 ;) Peace!

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