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Seddiers; Would you ship Creddie if........?

Hey guys! School's already done for me, so I decided to post a blog. I have one question. Would you Seddie shippers ship Creddie if Carly's personality was like Sam's, and Sam's personality is like Carly's? Like if Carly made fun of Freddie and hurt him emotionally and physically, and if Sam was a sweet, perfect girl who cares so much about Freddie? Cuz' I know some people that just ship their ship because of how cute they look together. My answer would be since I am a Seddie shipper, I would ship Creddie if that were the case. Because I like love/hate relationships. And this could go the other way around for Creddiers too; would you ship Seddie if that were the case? Lemme' know what you think!




... or Creddie?

ICarlyRulez5101 16:08, May 27, 2011 (UTC)ICarlyRulez5101 ;) Peace!

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