• ICarly Wiki Santa Claus

    Ho Ho Ho!

    Merry Christmas to all!

    Tell Santa what you want for Christmas!

    (Remember this is computer generated, so if you ask for a cheeseburger, you're getting a picture of a cheeseburger.)

    Santa can recommend websites, do profiles, photo edits, music cuts, and so much more!

    Think of something that can be done over the computer, and ask Santa

    (btw if you know who I am, do not tell people.)

    Ho Ho Ho!

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  • ICarly Wiki Santa Claus

    I am done

    December 18, 2011 by ICarly Wiki Santa Claus

    Santa has finally finished delivering presents! They came in bundles. Bundle one got delivered at about 3:00 EST yesterday, Bundle two got delivered at about 10:00 Est yesterday, and the last two came early this morning.

    If you asked me something I could actually get you, and I didn't deliver, please tell me so.

    Have A Merry Christmas!

    Oh, and you were all wondering about who I really I am. I have been accused of being many people, but I am really

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  • ICarly Wiki Santa Claus

    As you know, today is wiki Christmas Eve...and as you probably don't know, Santa was injured do to an incident with the south pole elves. Anyway, they stole Santa's laptop and hurt my knee! I've been trying to work via iphone. They all also recruited all of my elves.

    (Long story short, my computer broke, I hurt me knee, and I need people to volunteer to be elves. If you would please be a good person and help me about, comment below, and I'll give you the link to the webiste where you make the presents.)

    This is not how Santa planned it...but things happen...

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  • ICarly Wiki Santa Claus

    Ho Ho Ho!

    It's me, Santa Claus!

    I've come to bring presents to all the children (and adults) residing at the iCarly wiki!

    I will give presents no matter if you celebrate Christmas or not!

    So, tell Santa below what you want. No list is too big, and no present is too big, but of course it must be something that I can do over the internet!

    Please be appropriate

    -Santa Claus

    Cartoon Elf-Present Elf

    Head Elf Sophie-Recorder Elf/Present Elf

    The Elf NeneG-Naughty or Nice/Present Elf

    I also have a daughter. She just goes on chat and brags.

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