Hi!!! It's Sparkles! :P


This Is Me. And An Idea what your pony will look like! x)

So.. Since I belong to Sophie! And all my pony friends feel left out that they don't have a human "mate" I figured you all would want your own Pony!!! :DDD

So leave a magical comment saying:

  • Colours, (of the body and hair) (The mane and tale colour cant be diferent! D:)
  • Eye colour, or would you prefer your eyes to be closed? x)
  • Mouth, Smile, Open with a smile, closed, or with tongue sticking out? x)
  • Pony or Unicorn? x)
  • Accessories, That I CAN Do.. (The head, i.e Tiara, The tail, a necklace.. um bells and scarfs, and then things like flowers.)
  • Pieces of clothing! :DDD (Like a cloak/coat, and shoes..., ballet or winter boots or like horse type shoes). x)
  • Pony Name?
  • Hair Style?? Plaits, short, long, wavy?
  • Picture you would like on the.. Pony.. bottom bit.. BY the tale! Haha :P (Like the hearts on mine! x)
  • Type of Background. Landscape, night, the one like mine, or.. do you want me to decide? There isnt much of a choice... so.. D:

And I will pair you up with one of my Pony friends!

Forunately In Ponyville, where I live, There are NO Black ponies! Since black isn't a happy colour! And evey pony in ponyville is HAPPY! :DDDD

So leave your comment, and I'll make your PONY!

And I will leave it in full size/full picture so its up to you whether or not you want to crop it! :D

~Sparkles! :D

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