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    June 29, 2012 by ICarlyismelife

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    *Warning: If you haven't seen the iDate Sam and Freddie promo, watch it before you read this.*


    So, since most of us has seen iLost My Mind, that means you have also seen the iDate Sam and Freddie promo as well.

    One thing that strikes me is Carly. When she says,"I am gonna kill Sam and Freddie."

    Obviously, she doesn't actually kill them. She's upset with something. There are many possible scenarios, but only one strikes me.

    It doesn't involve Carly loving Freddie. Since you clearly saw in iLost My Mind that she was happy for Sam and Freddie.

    Sam and Freddie are not there to film a new iCarly.

    Strange, I know. Just think about. Carly is in the studio, possibly waiting for the happy couple to walk insi…

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  • ICarlyismelife
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  • ICarlyismelife

    So, I come from a pretty big family, and it's insane at most. It's difficult to keep everything together, so I decided to walk you through my family. I still can't believe I am related to them. The closest one to being normal is Burt. I'll tell you about him later. Let's begin, shall we?

    1. Father Dearest, or as I like to call him, Dad.

    He is not quite the role model. Let me just say that he works, comes home, talks on Facebook, goes to the bathroom, eats some more, then sleeps. As you can see, it's an endless cycle of boredom. Don't get me wrong. He is a great father, but over the years, he has gotten a few names called at him.

    Daddy - My snobby sister who thinks she can get anything from him in a heartbeat.

    The Hulk - My little brother came …

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