My eight year brother is known to be the "family entertainment". We actually call him that. He is also known to learn at a face pace, and if I know one thing, I should have never allowed him to watch iCarly. He has learned things that probably aren't even effective in real life. I thought since I am on a sugar rush, since my mom baked cupcakes, I should tell you.

1. It's okay to abuse people. Just as long as they end up kissing you in the end.

My mother was called down in April, due to my little brother's stupidly. Apparently, I didn't hear much from my mother, but I heard enough. My brother was at recess, when he thought he should go talk to his crush. Some chick named Emma. Or was it Ethel? Elmo?

Anyway, my brother got detention for a week because he decided to slap her. When he was called to the office, he claimed that he was said "trying to pick her up". Now, where in your right mind do you think that a girl will fall for you if you abuse her? It is cool when a girl does it to a guy, but when a guy does it to a girl, it's not... XD

2. If you are a geek, you get the ladies. XD

I'm regretting that one as well. I'll admit it wasn't a smart idea to allow my brother to watch iStart A Fanwar. It wasn't until Freddie got mobbed by random iCarly fans, that he started to feel that way. I remember my brother turning to me, saying, "That guy is lucky. Maybe I should be like him, and get girls."

Now...I have no clue how being a geek gets you ladies. I am a geek and I have no dudes wanting me. Maybe one, but that's not the point. Being Freddie does not make you get the ladies. Being yourself does.

I tried telling him that, but all he does is shun me out. He wears plaid and polo shirts. He carries a calculator around. Which Freddie doesn't do, but he assumes that is what geeks do. XD

So, I have no clue how long this is going to last, but my mother is pretty fine with it. She's not going to be happy when he's like this in high school.

3. Being shirtless is fun...

I can't even tell you how many times my brother has watched the old Gibby. Back then when he was shirtless, and take off his own shirt. He used to do that constantly. Now, not as much. My brother once did that at a public park, a lake, the library, school. I was embarrassed at him as any other person should be.


4. Blonds are better.

I guess my brother has this image in his head that blonds are awesome, and that they are all just like Sam. He claims that Sam is his favorite from the show :) So, he possibly thinks that blonds are better, and that all brunettes are like Carly. Which is false because I am a brunette, and I am not like Carly in any way. I really am not.

So, if my mother ever wonders why my brother goes for all blonds, she'll know the reason why.

Those are the things he has learned. XD

There are more, but I'm too lazy to type anymore.

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