So, what did everyone think about iCan't Take It? Did you think it was good? Bad? Express your feelings in that comment box down below and such.

I thought the episode was fairly stranger than usual. My boyfriend watched it with me and questioned at the fact as to why Spencer would be eating yeast. He doesn't watch it enough to know. The last time he watched an iCarly episode was iDo, so...yeah...he needs to catch up. Probably explains why he asked me about Sam calling Freddie "baby". ;)

Anyway, I knew that kissing scene at the end was coming, when the episode first started. I knew Sam and Freddie were going to sort of break up, then Carly pushes them back together.

It felt too fast paced to me. The end. Felt like that to me.

P.S I loved how Gibby was in command, and made Misses Benson leave. It was sort of a cute thing he did, switching sides for Carly :)

Even though, he was an idiot to think that Carly could keep a secret. XD

And when are we going to see some real Cibby action? Like Gibby making Carly a romantic gesture or something. Wow. I must stop. I am channeling all the old, insane, feelings I had of Seddie getting together onto Cibby...


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