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    December 17, 2012 by ICarvicious22

    Hey guys! I haven't made a blog in soooo long so I decided to make one now. :D

    It's going to be mostly a vlog, that I hope you'll enjoy. :) I wanted to use gifs in this blog but it no allow me -.-

    About 2012, the Mayans predicted that the world was going to end on December 21, 2012, which is this Friday. On Facebook and Twitter, people are arguing saying that the world is going to end and not going to end.

    Some people are like "THE WORLD'S GOING TO ENDDD!!!! RTGMKBTRKLET" While others are like "THE WORLD IS NOT GOING TO END, IDIOTS."

    But I'm like.... SHUT UP... Gawsh -.-

    Tbh, I'm not taking sides... because we don't know if the world's going to end or not. Only God knows. Only.God.

    My mom thinks that the world IS going to end, and is preparing f…

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    Halloween Dress Up

    September 27, 2012 by ICarvicious22

    Hey guys, yes i know I've taken a LONG time to make blogs. I've been busy with school and stuff :/

    But, I'm BACK! :D *Awkward Silence* *Crickets Chirping*

    .....Anyways, so Halloween is coming soon! Well, I should say in a while...I was wondering, what do you guys wanna be for Halloween, or what are you gonna be for Halloween?

    Why am I asking? Because I am gonna create what YOU wanna/gonna be! :D

    You don't know what I mean? Look at the freakin title....It says it all......

    I should probably give credit for the website. Dress ups created by "DollDivine". (I love that site! :D)

    The dressups are for men and women (mostly girls). If there's a design I can't create, I'll probably draw it instead (but the prob is, it will MAYBE suck, but I'll try my be…

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    July 4, 2012 by ICarvicious22

    HAPPY CANADA DAY! Not really... Because it passed 3 days ago. So it's a BELATED BIRTHDAY! ;D It was also my friend's birthday, which is not important. Canada is now 145 years old. I LOVE U CANADA! I also love America because it's close to Canada. It's almost like they're siblings! HEHE! Anyways, COMMENT BELOW AND WISH CANADA A BELATED B-DAY! (I could've told you what they invented, but since I refreshed by accident, I had to restart this blog, so now, I'm too lazy to say them. But if ur REALLY curious to know what they invented click here: List of Canadian inventions. PLZ, COMMENT BELOW TO WISH CANADA A BELATED BIRTHDAY! K thx.

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    I Have a Life

    May 20, 2012 by ICarvicious22

    Hey guys, Sorry I've been away! I have been really busy!

    Fact: This is NOT a fanfiction of an icarly story.

    This is about me.

    The only reason I've been away is because I have lots of stuff going on in my life. It's mostly about school. I know I come here a few times, but for now, no.

    I won't tell you my schedule, but I'll tell you what I have. Swimming, Dance class, Greek Class (not anymore), Homework Program, Orchestra classes, Choir, and Basketball. Plus, other school stuff, like French, Science, Religions, Spelling, Memorizing Poems, Music classes, Math, Language arts, blah blah blah, etc... AND, there's a concert coming up this Saturday. And I'm in Choir, Orchestra AND Dance (It's bollywood, btw. I know I'm not Indian, but I like learning o…

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  • ICarvicious22

    Hey Guys, Sorry it took so long! I've been very busy lately making other blogs and stuff. Anyways, Here I go. P.S: I know I'm horrible at making titles. ;_;

    Narrator 1: Carly's Plan was to Distract Gordon, by telling him the Student Council needs one more volunteer for Student Council. The only problem was, she didn't sign up at all! So what she did was rush into the student council meeting and asked of she could join. The Boss of the Student Council replied: "Oh ho ho! Silly Girl!" He patted her head. She disliked that...a lot... The Boss was a sweet man, fat, and bald, but sweet man. "You had to be the most voted for your class, and the boy who was the most voted in your class was...Gordon!" Carly replied in a quiet voice: "Oh... Well, wh…

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