Hey guys! I haven't made a blog in soooo long so I decided to make one now. :D

It's going to be mostly a vlog, that I hope you'll enjoy. :) I wanted to use gifs in this blog but it no allow me -.-

About 2012, the Mayans predicted that the world was going to end on December 21, 2012, which is this Friday. On Facebook and Twitter, people are arguing saying that the world is going to end and not going to end.

Some people are like "THE WORLD'S GOING TO ENDDD!!!! RTGMKBTRKLET" While others are like "THE WORLD IS NOT GOING TO END, IDIOTS."

But I'm like.... SHUT UP... Gawsh -.-

Tbh, I'm not taking sides... because we don't know if the world's going to end or not. Only God knows. Only.God.

My mom thinks that the world IS going to end, and is preparing for the time to come. Even though I told my mom she doesn't know if it is or not, she just says that she has a feeling that something is going to happen. Plus, she's telling everyone that it IS going to end.... And her friends are believing her......-_-.... I'm just in my room, facedesking 89580954809 times, saying fml. 

I mostly think that the world is NOT going to end, because it's too early for it to end.... It can't be now.... ;-;.... 

BUT..... If it does end (which I doubt), I will miss you all, because I love you all so much. You are like my best friends! You are all so sweet, honest, funny.....and sexay ;)... xD

It might be okay....or it might be goodbye......Who knows? But if it does, I have 3 words.....


^_^  Ok, but seriously.

I love you all <333333333

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