Answer the questions where the comments are and DO NOT CHEAT. IF YOU DO, your dumb. XD There are 10 questions so good luck and i hope you the best. Actually i don't. LOL. It gets harder and harder every time so beware...


1. What's 1+1?

2. What's 1+2?

3. What is the capital of Canada?

4. Who was the FIRST president of the U.S? {DON'T CHEAT}

5. Where do eskimos live? {if you don't know who are eskimos, your MORE stupider than a pre-k. XD}

6. When was Europe made in? {Bonus Question}

7. What is the capital of Greece?

8. Why did "the founder" make this wiki? {your opinion}

9. What is my favourite colour and food? {OOOHHH.... HARD.... XD}

10. Do you think i'm a weirdo? If you say yes, tell me why. {This is not a correct or wrong question. XD}

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