Hello, umm... Sparky516 and me were just making a movie {by writing ofcourse} and in this movie we need lots of characters so, here's the characters. BTW, it's called:

Friend to Enemy.

Sparky516: Nikki {friendly, nice, most popular girl in school, LOVES HER FAMILY}

ICarvicious22: Carly {pretends to be Nikki's friend, liar, jealous, mean or EVIL}

'Purple xx': Victoria {Carly's BFF} {nice but mean, worries, always gets hurt}

Amythest444: Nikki's mom {sweet, Loves her family, strong.}

ICarvicious: Police officer 1

pisces214: Police officer 2

SpencerFanGirl123: Police officer 3

Desu Hihi: Talking Flying Car

SeddiaFoeva: Ninja 1

Jon23812: Ninja 2

BrittanaKlaine25: Gordan {nice guy, likes Nikki, Hot guy, New kid in school}

Ant 157349: Nerd 1 {good at tech stuff, helped Carly}

SunriseDaisy: Nerd 2 {Nerd 1's friend, fights with Nerd 1, {Same thing as Nerd 1} }

EpicnezzEmily: Doctor

So, yeah, we need 11 people to audition, anyone who's excited, come to the icarly wiki chat, and we'll talk about it and "write" it out. Whoever wants to audition leave a comment below. It's going to have some comedy, action {mostly action} and a little tiny violence. AUDITION NOW! :D.

To Learn more about this movie click here:

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