Hey Everyone!!! :D... This may be similar to Emily's blog, But it's not. See, This is a fashion game for Girls...Sorry Boys, I wish I could try for BOTH genders.... :/.... So, Anyway, Tell us how you want YOUR cartoon girl and I'll make it faster than a second.....Which Is not possible.... Anyway, I'll give you an example of mine:


Ya see it? On the right side?....Ok, Now you get it... :)

I don't wanna leave a blank space, So here's a picture a picture of my Cartoon dog:

My Doggy

Isn't it cute? ^.^

OMGZ, That reminds me, I could Even make you a cartoon dog! :D.... The Cartoon Dog is for both men and women... :) You have to be specific For your Cartoon Girl and Dog. So Here's an Example:

Cartoon Girl:

Princess Dress Tiara Wavy Medium Hair Heart Bracelet Pink Shoulder Wrap (Whatever it's called) Pink Rose Ring Flower Basket Pink Glitter Shoes Blue eyes White EyeShadow Pink Sparkly LipGloss Big, Wide eyes Pink Diamond Earrings Magnolia Necklace That's my description of MY cartoon. That's how specific YOU should be. :)


(Sorry, I can only do a Golden Retriver for the Dog. But if you don't want a golden retriver one, I'll see what i can do.) Golden Retriever Blue Boots Pink Dress with Black and white polka dots.

What are you waiting for? ASK AWAY and Tell us what you want! :) Leave a comment below to tell us how you want it. :)... PLEASEEEE


Gold's Cartoon Girl


SFG's Cartoon Girl and Dog

SpencerFanGirl's Cartoon Girl and Dog

Cane's Cartoon Girl


Bill's Cartoon Girl


Mango's Cartoon Girl


Fishy's Cartoon Girl


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